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Panic Away - A Critical Review

Panic Away is one of the most popular programs designed to treat panic attacks and other forms of anxiety. Panic Away promises to do something quite impressive -to allow you to quickly overcome panic attacks and anxiety by applying a few easy to learn techniques at home. If you're wondering whether this program is worth ordering, this review may help you make up your mind.

One aspect of Panic Away that makes it worthy of consideration is the fact that it's recommended by quite a few professionals in the mental health field. Doctors and other professionals don't have much to gain by telling people to get a program like this, as it will mean fewer people turning to them for help. This isn't to say that using Panic Away means you can't or shouldn't also see a doctor or therapist, and you might get the best possible results by doing both. One limitation of therapy, though, is that the therapist can't be with you all the time, whereas a program like Panic Away can be. The endorsements by doctors and therapists do suggest that the program has some real merit. If anyone understands panic attacks, it's doctors and therapists who treat them all day long, so if they say that Panic Away is effective, it probably is.

Panic Away is designed for two main purposes - to help you prevent panic attacks from occurring and to reduce your overall level of anxiety. That's why it's a program that will be of interest to people suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) as well as those who suffer from panic attacks. Being anxious and worried each and every day can be just as damaging to your health as a panic attack.

There are many types of anxiety and Panic Away will teach you how to cope with them. You never-ending negative thoughts and worries will vanish with the techniques you will learn. You may have used other methods that didn't work out, but you should really try Panic Attack since you are protected by their 100% refund policy.

How do you go about deciding whether a program like Panic Away is really effective? 

Their website has quite a few testimonials, from customers and even some doctors and therapists, but you may feel this is only one side of the coin. You could also look for reviews on retail sites that sell the program, such as Amazon. Another source of information is to look up specialized forums for people who have panic attacks and anxiety. You could visit such forums and search for threads on the Panic Away program and see if anyone has used it. The internet allows you to find out what people are saying about anything, so it only makes sense to look around for reviews of Panic Away.

Over 60,000 people have purchased Panic Away since it was introduced in 2001 even though, of course, there have been people who found it wasn't the solution to their panic attacks. Panic Away may not offer anything new as far as techniques are concerned, but they do put their whole package together in a very easy-to-understand, convenient system that you will be able to learn fast. Panic Away isn't the only way to treat panic attacks, but it's one of the simpler and less costly choices.


  • The novel is an easy-read, while at once giving solid scientific info. Barry reaches a superb balance in this manner.
  • Barry doesn't squander words. The ebook doesn't have a great deal of "filler."
  • It's not as costly than other techniques.
  • The system actually does appear to work in most of individuals that have attempted it.
  • The publication gives certain: when you stress on an aircraft, in a vehicle are real life scenarios,...


  • I'd truly want to view footnotes so far as scientific data can be involved.
  • Barry does make some statements that we're maybe not convinced about. For instance, he says the Panic Away tactic works for everyone, no exceptions. In our expertise, there are usually exceptions, thus I don't believe he should be providing such warranties.
  • Barry is therefore focused to the thought this tactic will perform that he doesn't actually offer a backup strategy per se, some thing I'd like to find out regardless of exactly what a program's achievement rate is.

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